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About me...

I'm Emma Dallimore, a dedicated safeguarding professional driven by the belief that every child deserves a safe and nurturing environment to thrive.


My mission is to weave safeguarding principles throughout the fabric of all schools and organisations, making it their guiding principle and moving beyond simply ticking the compliance boxes. After all, happy children lead to happy learners. 


In a world of constant change, I see education as the foundation of a thriving society – equipping children with the skills for the future is paramount. That's why I'm relentless in empowering those around me to understand the warning signs of abuse, the importance of contextual safeguarding and the power of effectively analysing lessons learned to continuously improve safeguarding systems.


I firmly believe that children's well-being should always be the cornerstone of decision-making and my approach ensures that policies and strategies consistently prioritise their protection and development. This goes hand in hand with experienced and expert staff who know children well and identify the right support at the right time. 

Throughout my career, I've gained extensive leadership experience, serving as a teacher, senior leader, and headteacher across five Local Authorities. This journey included five transformative years safeguarding children in a Service Children's Education school in Germany. Additionally, I hold valuable experience from many years working in youth work within an inner London local authority and through leading inclusion and early years at both school and local authority levels. These diverse experiences have honed my skills in three key areas: building robust safeguarding cultures, fostering strong collaborative partnerships, and designing inclusive learning spaces that enable all children to to thrive.

As a passionate speaker and advocate, I believe children deserve the best possible start in life, championing safeguarding for all, inclusion, and the transformative power of early intervention.

My core conviction is that strong, trust-based partnerships lie at the heart of keeping children safe.


Let's work together to protect our most precious asset – our children.

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