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Safeguarding isn't just about compliance.

Safeguarding is a culture to be valued by all.

Navigating the complexities of child protection can be overwhelming and the role of Designated Safeguarding Lead carries a significant level of responsibility. The increased demands on schools and in particular the role of Designated Safeguarding Leads is ever increasing and this is why KCSIE is very clear that DSLs should "be given the additional time, funding, training, resources and support they need to carry out the role effectively". 


For this reason, I provide tailored solutions to strengthen your safeguarding systems,  empower your staff, and create a culture of safety and well-being within your educational setting. Ensuring all the pieces of the puzzle are pulled together to safeguard children. 


As a leading safeguarding consultant I will partner with you to develop robust safeguarding practices that proactively protect children and support staff in fulfilling their vital roles.

With over 20 years of experience in education and safeguarding I provide high quality and much-needed supervision to key stakeholders taking a lead role in safeguarding children. 


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